Ranger-8-weeks-editedOur pup Ranger is 13 weeks and is an AMAZING dog. He already heels, sits, retrieves, comes, etc. Ranger shows the natural instinct of a pointing setter and has exhibited those traits from 6 weeks of age. We were looking for a nice “house” dog as well as a hunter and couldn’t have gotten a better dog. We can’t wait to get him into the field and are looking for many years of great hunting and friendship.

Jim is a great breeder, he starts the dog out with the right attitude from the start. Ranger was crate trained when we got him and the overall experience made the transition bringing him home very easy.

Thanks Jim!!
~ Megan and Tony

I have been around dogs all of my life and used to work rescue and foster homes for English Bulldogs and Boxers. I have met many so called “caring breeders” – this one is the real deal, and my hat is off to the kindness and understanding of Jim and “Team Duke”. You’re a credit to the breed and a genuine human being.

~ Joe Caldwell

Jim truly breeds the best English Setters, and we couldn’t be happier with our pup. There is nothing to improve on, he nailed it. An exceptional brag dog, indeed. The purchasing process was seamless and delightful too. I highly recommend to anyone wanting a world class Setter!!!

~The Stryker Family

Jim has done more for us that we could have ever asked for. He gave down to earth advice when we needed it, and even helped us when we needed to board our pup. He is definitely the ‘grand master’ who always likes to be updated, and continues to care about each and every dog. You will do no better than a dog from Jim.

~Rachel Holloway

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