My experience with Jim Jorgensen from a long distance perspective of getting a puppy was awesome.To just be able to get a puppy from Jim Jorgensen is something to brag about. His lines are phenomenal including some of the best—2X National Champion Shadow Oak Bo, Champion Grid Iron, & See Johnny Run. Jim keeps you in touch every step of the way- from vet visits, pictures of pups at two weeks, and videos to follow every week after. He takes care of your baby every step of the way until he/she is officially yours. Just watching the videos you can tell how much the puppies mean to him before they’re even yours to take home- cute nicknames, kisses-Jade has even fallen asleep in his arms twice! He also handles all shipping arrangements. They ship freight collect so you tell him what airport is closest to you and you pay when you pick them up from the airport—very hassle free, but you still worry like crazy about your 8 week old puppy flying on an airplane all alone! It speaks volumes about his lines that our litter sold out at three weeks, the one week old litter out of Sally I assume will sell out just as fast considering they go back to CH Grid Iron twice and have Shadow Oak Bo, and the upcoming litter he has out of Rhapsody X Shadow Oak Bo was sold out before they even hit the ground! All I can say is that the experience has been great and you honestly cannot go wrong with getting a setter from Jim.